This little slice of the internet is here for you to discover the world through a different lens. Here, you’ll find recommendations on outdoor adventures for the daily explorer, travel around this beautiful place we call Earth, excessive mentions of noodles, and even projects you can do to keep the inspiration burning when you are at home. I strongly believe we should spend our lives seeking the unknown, questioning the status quo, and pursuing our values in the most authentic way.


About Crystal Le of The Petite Adventurer
It’s not unusual to catch me slowly wandering down colorful alleyways, seeking food markets, or petting street cats. Pictured here (in one of my favorite countries): Tokyo, Japan.

if you are here because you are pursuing adventure in your daily life, then read on! here is my allegiance to you:

  • I’ll provide useful information in an enjoyable and digestible way. For your travel whims, you’ll find detailed itineraries, lodging suggestions, packing lists, and location overviews. Apparently, I’m an Earth Dragon, Earth Virgo. I’m analytical and realistic to a fault, and I’m a beast at making lists.
  • I’ve recently closed the chapter on my full-time job to explore this planet. Believe it or not, I’m somewhat of a control freak, so this entire journey has shaken up my life (in a good way). I’m not a nomad, but I do travel A LOT
  • My home is in the heart of the Silicon Valley where innovation, technology, and progress are constant states of mind. I have a husband who humors all of my crazy projects and two cats named Loki and Gizmo whom I adore beyond logical reasoning.
  • Discovery– local, domestic, and international. There are infinite ways to explore at home, in your city, in your state, country, and beyond. All sorts of impactful experiences can be had anywhere, anytime, and doesn’t necessarily require insane amounts of capital, time, or preparation.
  • Community is king and queen! I’m fortunate to live near my (enormous) family and friends and we are never short of celebrations. I’ll provide party planning guides with resources, simple DIY projects, and ideas on how you can crush the next fete you take on. This is a place where real people live genuine lives. It might not all be picture-perfect, but it will sure as hell taste good and feel right.


A little more…


My infatuation with ramen began at the tender age of four with a hot bowl of salty heaven in neon yellow “chicken flavor” broth. When my cousin Olivia and I discovered the joys of sprinkling the seasoning packet over the dry noodles, it was game over. I knew I had stumbled upon this lifelong obsession. 

In 2016, I challenged myself to do one year of microadventures which had reminded me just how much I love the outdoors. I don’t consider myself to be the most athletic person on the planet (I have this tendency of closing my eyes when catching things thrown at me) or particularly adept at wilderness survivalism (maps boggle me), but I know how balanced I feel when I spend time outside. In 2017 I somehow managed to muster the courage to solo self-guide the Tour du Mont Blanc trek in the Alps. This experience has irrevocably changed me. I’ve never felt so much purpose in my life by waking up and walking in the mountains. There are going to be many more treks in my future.

I think there’s an adventurer in everyone; whether you deem yourself a city slicker, suburbanite, outdoorsy person, or someone that prefers to stay in.

So, if any of this resonates you– the desire to learn more, discovery of the quirky planet we live on, the infinite chase of great noodles, or adding color to your daily life, then I have one request. Say hello! Leave a comment on a post or send a message via email or carrier pigeon. Let me know that you are looking for that little something too.


– Crystal Le


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All geared up for my very first trek – Tour Du Mont Blanc.

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