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In 2017, I decided to stop the dreaming and start truly experiencing. With a mixture of fear, exhilaration, and heartache, I closed the chapter on my full-time job so I could reinvest in myself in a different way. Believe it or not, I’m somewhat of a control freak, so this entire journey has shaken up my life. I’m living the unconventional and I haven’t regretted a single minute of it.

“All there will ever be, all there ever was, all there ever is, is right now. We are more alive than we think we are; but we don’t think we can live a life that makes us feel alive every moment of every day. If you want to soar with a falcon you must be willing to fly. A thousand birds in the hand do not equal one bird that wears the sky.” – Wade Newsom from Meager into Might: A Timelapse Film from Carl Zoch

I’m not going on vacation; I’m traveling because I want to learn from the world and continually shake up my perceptions about what I think I know about myself and the connectedness of people around me. I’m looking for transformative travel experiences– the moments that take you out of your comfort zone and create introspection. For me, many of these stories live in the great outdoors, in local homes, and in the careworn hands of people selling street food from recipes passed down through generations. I’m writing about these places so you might want to witness it for yourself.

About Crystal Le of The Petite Adventurer
It’s not unusual to catch me standing in front of street food vendors eyes closed and inhaling intoxicating scents. If I’m not doing that, then I’ll likely be ogling at ancient mountains, seeking offbeat destinations, or petting cats. Pictured here (in one of my favorite countries): Tokyo, Japan.

Here, you’ll find guides to trek around the world, tips on how you can be a savvier traveler, detailed packing lists so you’ll never skip a beat, and pure adventure inspiration from my honest perspective. I strongly believe we should spend our lives seeking the unknown, questioning the status quo, and pursuing our values in the most authentic way.  


A little more…

In 2016, I challenged myself to do one year of microadventures which ended up reconnecting me with nature and a piece of myself that I had forgotten about. I don’t consider myself to be the most athletic person on the planet (I have this tendency of closing my eyes when catching things thrown at me) or particularly adept at wilderness survivalism (maps boggle me), but I love the feeling of warm sun washing over my face. Being outdoors has a way of restoring us; it’s a primal instinct that many of us have lost touch with. In 2017 I somehow managed to muster the courage to solo self-guide the Tour du Mont Blanc trek in the Alps. This experience has irrevocably changed me. I’ve never felt so much purpose in my life by waking up and walking in the presence of legendary landscapes. 

I hadn’t realized that my adventurous spirit had been lying dormant for so long; that it wasn’t just a phase only experienced during childhood. Adventure has been with me my whole life, just waiting for the chance to flow freely. It’s like a hot lava that lives inside of us all; it waits, biding it’s time to erupt.

So, if any of this resonates you– the desire to step outside of your comfort zone, see the world differently, and travel with purpose, then you’re in the right place. Thanks for being here.


– Crystal Le


Outdoor adventure and transformative travel blog The Petite Adventurer - www.thepetiteadventurer.com
All geared up for my very first trek – Tour Du Mont Blanc.

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