At Home

On average, I sleep 7.5 hours per night.  Multiply this by the days in the year, and I’m spending over 2700 hours in my bedroom or in beds around the world. Staying in hostels, hotels, Airbnb’s, tents, and even couches make me think a lot about the things that are most important to me in my own resting space. One of my favorite parts about traveling is the feeling of coming home to my familiar pillow, scents, decorative accents, and the peaceful sounds of my neighborhood. When I’m home in my own bedroom, I feel completely at ease. 

A hammock just waiting for the perfect napper in Phuket, Thailand.

Serene Spot

On occasion, I wish that I had a TV in my room so I could “zombie mode” comfortably in bed.  But the truth is, I’m way too connected to electronics during all other hours of the day.  Not having a TV in my room forces me to truly relax.  If I’m not quite ready to sleep, there is always a small stack of books handy on my nightstand.  I keep a soothing scented candle nearby with a whimsical lighter inside so I can get it lit without ever leaving the bed. I’ve made a point to keep my phone on the opposite side of the room so I’m not tempted to look at it right before bed.

Family Time

I remember my siblings and I would clamber into my parent’s king-sized bed at night and demand bedtime stories.  We’d roll ourselves in the blankets and laugh at the tall tales my dad would tell.  Now that I’m a (sort of) adult, I still love to spend time hanging out in bed on slow weekend mornings with my husband, and our two silly cats, Gizmo and Loki.  

These two are the true gurus of rest and relaxation.

Rest and Rejuvenation

A down comforter is my number one must have in my bedroom.  I was first introduced to them in elementary school by my best friend in the 5th grade, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Laying in a bed with down is an extraordinary experience that is unparalleled by anything else in the world.  Down retains your body warmth within the blankets and you can buy light, medium, or heavy fill depending on how warm you need to be (heavier fill = warmer).  

Also, I can not stress enough how important a good mattress is.  Danny and I shelled out a pretty penny for our mattress last year but in a matter of days all my aches and pains that I had been having went away.  We had a mattress that was too soft and poorly constructed, so we were literally rolling into the middle because the center wasn’t supported. It was a nightmare!

This little token hangs on the lamp on my bedside table. Seeing this before bed and when I wake up sets the day in the right direction.

Soothing Smells

I recently got into aromatherapy diffusers and the use of essential oils. I’ve found this is a transformative way for me to decompress after a particularly stressful day. Every diffuser may have slightly different capabilities from timers to various light settings, so you’ll have to pick one that suits you best. I tend to go for eucalyptus or lavender essential oils in my diffuser before bed to usher me into a calm state.

What do you appreciate most about your bedroom? Do share!

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