Floral and Golden Glam Baby Shower

When deciding upon a decorative theme for a party, I always do my best to incorporate the guest of honor’s personality while balancing the desired mood of the event. This baby shower was for my dear cousin Olivia and her husband to welcome the arrival of their baby, Zoe. Olivia has a calming sense about her and would appreciate a shower vibe that was simple, beautiful, and timeless. Read on for inspiration on a real party thrown by a real person with photos, budgets, and more!
I ordered this floral wreath watercolor party invitation from TinyPrints. Save money by signing up for their email newsletter to get notified of great deals.
Party invitations should be concise and share just the right amount of important information without cluttering the eyes. Have you ever attended a party that doesn’t state a clear end time? That can be awkward and unpolite for guests who have multiple engagements in one day. Make sure your invitation has the following information:
  • Guest of honor’s name
  • Event date
  • Event start and end time
  • Physical Address
  • Host name(s)
  • RSVP by date and method of contact
  • Registry information
  • Purpose of event (baby shower, surprise birthday party, bachelorette, retirement party, etc.)

Color Theme

Soft pink floral tones, natural greens, burlap, and gold accents


Free streaming through Pandora with “C2C” and “Run Around Sue” radio


32 people

Mini Activity

“Love notes for Zoe”. Cut out assorted squares with scrapbook paper with pens and a polaroid camera. Guests can write notes, take a picture, and leave it in the box for the little guest of honor to enjoy someday! 

Showcasing fun facts about the parents is a great conversation starter and way to learn more about each person.
Kick off the fete with the right tone by decorating the first visual point of interest– usually an entryway table as each person walks in. Zoe’s mom and dad each had a frame with fun facts about themselves including favorite foods and childhood toys. An arrangement of perky snapdragon flowers and a DIY golden bird let every guest know how excited we were about Zoe’s upcoming arrival.
Don’t forget you can always add to the decorative theme with beautifully packaged treats too.



Create visual interest throughout the entire space. Hanging tissue poms are simple and make a big color impact.


Purchased from Costco and homemade with a European vibe

  • Chocolate tuxedo cake
  • “Build your own” panini Bar with smoked ham, prosciutto, and salami (party favorite)
  • Assorted sliced baguettes
  • Cheese platter
  • Croissants and Nutella
  • Salad
  • Mixed berries, grapes, and fruit
  • French Madeleines and biscuits
  • Kettle popcorn
Free printable flower garland images can be found online and used as banners. The “love letters for Zoe” station was conveniently located right next to the drinks.

Party Budget Breakdown

$54     35 Invitations from TinyPrints
$23     Disposable cutlery and plates from Target
$40     Assorted decoration supplies from Michael’s Craft Store
$63     3 Rented table rounds and 18 chairs from Peninsula Party
$24     Tissue Paper Pom Poms and napkins from Amazon
$170   Food and beverages from Costco
$23     Extra charcuterie items from Safeway
$25     Floral bouquet, succulents, and herb plants from Trader Joe’s

Total: $422

Catering can easily drive up the expense sheet and I found that we saved quite a bit from creating our own “build your own” panini bar. The guests enjoyed the interactive food element where they were able to stack on their favorite meats and cheeses and toast their creation exactly as they wanted. There were also plenty of bite-sized options to go around. I hope that Zoe feels all of the love we had put into her baby shower when she opens up her box of pictures and notes, someday!

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Looking for more party ideas? Let’s keep celebrating! 

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