4 Unique Baby Shower Themes Ideas

Baby showers do not have to conjure images of pastel pink and blue disposable table covers and white lace. In fact, they can be just as festive as any adult fete, complete with quirky themes, unique embellishments, and grand creativity.  Here are four baby shower theme ideas of inspiration I’ve been thinking about, as an idea platform for my dear cousin’s baby shower. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Floral and Fauna

Imagine leafy garlands (real, paper, or faux) casually curved a long banquet table, across the head chair, or even on the heads of each guest. Silly animal figurines spray painted in gold at each place setting in all shapes and sizes. Bohemian-styled “naked” layered cakes (see how to create your own here) with white airy buttercream frosting.  
Styling by Kelli Murray – simply heartwarming!


Little Fox

Go all out with any and all fox paraphernalia– paper fox face masks, whimsical phrases about foxes written in curvy letters, books, movies, and stuffed animals aplenty. Tie the look together with a bold pattern, such as the black and white stripes, chevron, or large polka dots. Feeling extra goofy? Do a little dance rendition to the song, “What Does the Fox Say?” (you must watch this video). Having a tough time finding fox items? Paper Source has a great collection of fox-specific items!

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From the talented Alex Michele, and featured on 100 Layer Cakelet

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is the kind of theme that can run wild with all sorts of decorations! Dusty gold glittered star shaped food picks, bubbly seltzers (or champagne), satin ribbons, watercolor blue backdrops resembling the night sky, cozy nesting spots with soft pillows and comforting blankets.

Shannon Rocha featured on Hostess with the Mostess


French Market

I was one of those kids that used to love playing pretend with tiny food replicas, micro-sized shopping carts, and whipping up imaginary feasts for all of my stuffed animals. This party idea puts food as the main decoration focal point and works well with multiples of the same item. Play on the market theme by using galvanized buckets, trays, chalkboard signs, and even wooden crates to prop up the items. Create a flow where guests can even  “shop” through the pieces and arrive at the end with a whimsical antique cash register or guest book decorated with pictures of the parents-to-be.
Lovely display created by Kojo-designs!
Party themes are best received when they evoke a sense, a memory, or a fanciful idea. Still scratching your head for ideas? Perhaps start with something you or the parents-to-be loved when they were little kids. Consider recreating fascinations from their childhoods and incorporating it into modern theme with your own touch. Most importantly? Set the stage for a comfortable environment where the parents-to-be can chat with each of their guests and stay calm for the arrival of their baby! Do you have any other unique baby shower theme ideas? Do share!


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