Christmas Place Setting Idea

The winter season is an opportune time to get together with friends and family. It’s also one of those few times in the year where I have good reason to create a festive ambiance– I’m all for it! If you plan on hosting a holiday meal this year, here is a simple yet elegant way to imbue some Christmas spirit into your place settings. Most local grocery stores such as Trader Joes or Safeway will sell mixed winter bouquets ranging from $5 – $10 for a bundle. Be sure to choose an assortment that looks fresh and has a good variety of plants.


Now listen carefully because there is an important point I must stress before you begin this project. Turn on Spotify’s “Christmas Cocktails” playlist and make yourself a nice drink.

One of my favorite drinks is the Moscow mule– Vodka, Lime, and Bundaberg Ginger Beer .

Now that you’ve properly set the tone for creativity, open the bouquet and begin snipping off 5″-8″ pieces of each plant type. Depending on the number of place settings you need to make, I would recommend going for a 1:1 ratio of each plant type. I needed to create eight place settings, so I cut eight pieces of each. However, I noticed the boxwood leaf pieces were short so I doubled up on those so they wouldn’t get overshadowed by the other plants (16 parts total). While you can certainly cut with regular scissors, you’ll find that using pruning shears slice more precisely without damaging the stem. I use my shears pretty often throughout the year whenever I need to cut flower stems for arrangements.

These mixed winter bouquets are typically sold during the holiday season at your local grocery store for less than $10.

Begin dividing the smaller cut pieces into the piles that you intend to arrange them in. Remember that they don’t all have to be exactly the same length or even look uniform. The beauty in nature is that there are irregularities– embrace it!

Distribute the pieces into smaller bundles for each place setting.

Tie the end of each bundle (about .5-1″ from the end) with some jute twine. I gave each arrangement three loops before tying off the end in a simple knot. Place the bundle on top of the dinner napkin and finish the look with a christmas cracker on top. While these things can seem cheesy, they always do a great job of getting a few laughs. You can buy different varieties that come with jokes, toys, hats, or even charades inside! This is a guaranteed conversation starter and a great way to start the dinner with a *bang*! (Pun totally intended).

Add a little flair to your table with a Christmas cracker!

This is an easy and fun way to dress up your table in a unique way. When it’s time to eat dinner, guests can simply move their bouquet to the side and begin dining. You’ll notice that the table will still look lovely with these little holiday bundles distributed all around. What are some of the ways you decorate your place settings during Christmas? Do share!

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Your table is going to look even more beautiful when the mini holiday bouquet is moved to the side during dinner.


Bon Appetit!

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