Bloominous Wedding Flower Review

 Remember my previous post about ways to save money on wedding flowers?  Event florals can eat at your budget and that’s a truth! Luckily, there are options out there that won’t compromise the experience.  I am happy to report back that I have now used Bloominous for my wedding in Maui. My bridal party and I had so much fun throughout the process; from the design to assembly, to rockin’ out with our bouquets on the big day.  

Note: This is a personal review of Bloominous and all opinions are completely my own.  Photos were taken by the outstanding team at Aihara Visuals and on my phone.

I had been scoping out the Bloominous website debating whether I would use them for my destination wedding in Maui.  There were so many logistics I worried about (shipping to the island, the freshness of the flowers, the difficulty of assembly, etc.) not to mention the company was relatively new with few online reviews. Ultimately, I decided that flowers were not going to capitalize a major part of my wedding budget and I needed to be open to different methods.  I needed a company that could help me arrange a bouquet, choose the best flowers, all at the right price.


The design process was extensive and I worked with one person from start to finish.  He asked me to share ideas, my Pinterest board, and we even talked through the entire vision from wedding outfits to decorative accents.  I ended up adding corsages and boutonnieres to the order just a few weeks before the wedding and it was no problem at all.  I was excited to see what the designers at Bloominous would come up with, and they sure delivered.  This method worked well for me because I had a clear vision of what I wanted, but also the flexibility for ambiguity.  I’m the kind of girl who loves structured surprises :).

Two days before the wedding, my box of blooms got shipped via FedEx. There were instructions to hydrate the flowers right away.  We opened each package and pruned the stems, which took a good 45 minutes or so.  Practically every vase and container in our rental unit was used for flowers and the kitchen transformed into a garden!


The day before the wedding, we had a casual rehearsal dinner party at our rental condo and asked the bridal group to help afterward with various wedding assembly projects (centerpieces, decorations, bouquets, corsages boutonnieres, music playlists).  I was so tickled to see so many other friends and family members opting to stay back and participate in the assembly. If you plan on doing this, don’t forget to notify your bridal party beforehand so there are no scheduling mishaps.  Here were the teams and an estimate of our assembly time:


  • Corsages (3): Two people for 45 minutes (mother of the bride and groom… how cute!)
  • Boutonnieres (7): Five people for 45 minutes
  • Bridesmaid bouquet (5): Five people for 1 hour (one extra bouquet for a table)
  • Bride bouquet (1): Two people for 1 hour
  • Succulent centerpieces (15): Four people for 10 minutes

Total cost including taxes, fees, and shipping: $645

Bloominous provides video tutorials to walk through the prepping and bouquet making process. This proved to be extremely useful.  We applied the methods shown in the video and made a few tweaks to fit our situation. The bouquet stems were left long so they could stay hydrated in the vases.  We decided it would also be best to wrap the ribbon and trim the stems the morning of the wedding to keep it all dry.  It took about 45 minutes the next day to put on the finishing touches and remove the torn/yellowing petals.  The bouquets rode with the bridesmaids to the wedding venue and were put in water to await the special moment.


Each table centerpiece had one bronze colored mercury vase with water to hold the bouquet as soon as the ceremony ended.  Assorted succulent vases sat around it, along with the illuminated glass teepee (copper LED lights inside), and golden pyramids of mints and ice breakers.  The embossed table tent number was another project I had made a few months before the wedding.

The mini set of succulents were incredibly easy to put together.  One of my bridesmaids stopped by the Target store on the island and bought three containers of decorative rocks for $6 a piece.  I borrowed the rest of the vases (including the gorgeous mercury cylinders) from my wedding planner for free!  If you have a destination wedding planner, be sure to ask if they have a stash of supplies you can borrow from.  This will spare you money and shipping costs.

The succulent boutonnieres were a bit heavy and began to droop, but thankfully they held on long enough for the photos. The corsages turned out a bit awkward because the flower buds were all full sized rather than the “mini” variety. Luckily, no one had any issues with it and happily wore their personal creations. My mom got a kick out of showing everyone her handiwork (she’s always been a women to embrace uniqueness with open arms.) 

The bridal and bridesmaid bouquets turned out better than I could have ever imagined!  I am so thankful for my talented bridal party, friends, and family that pitched in the night before to help.  We had such a great time working together to create beautiful memories for the wedding and many of the guests fondly remember the fun we had.  What’s more, my floral vision was complete, within our budget, and created with lots of love.  I’d say that’s a huge win… don’t you?

Update: Bloominous featured a few pictures of my florals on their “Real Weddings” page!


  1. Thanks for your note Wenni! Wedding planning can be so tough so I'm sure your cousin appreciates all of your help in the process. It really does take a village to put it all together. 🙂 Once the venue is locked down, there are so many other factors to consider. Outdoor weddings are so beautiful… does she know what theme she is going for?

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