Cake Topper Bunting Flags

Looking for a way to spruce up a cake with a touch of personalization? I’m a big fan of using decorative party picks for cupcakes and mini bunting flags for larger cakes. This is a quick project that shouldn’t take any longer than 20-minutes. If you already have a stash of craft supplies on hand, there is a good chance you already own all of the supplies needed to create your own bunting flags! Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own personalized bunting flag.


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Eyeball a triangle size that will work with your sticker letter.  Cut one triangle out and let it be your template.  You will need two triangles per flag.


Stick the letters on the flag and match up the corresponding sides.  I chose to use matching paper on both sides of the flag, but it could have been cute to switch it around too.



Position the twine in the upper portion of the flag, leaving enough room for glue or tape to seal along the top.  Use double-sided tape (that’s what I did) or glue the flag pieces along the middle of the twine.


Adhere the back sides of the flag with your corresponding triangle piece.  Good!  Now the flags are evenly spaced and won’t be prone to flipping.


Dab small dots of glue onto the skewer and wrap the twine around it.  After wrapping the twine to my desired length, I sealed it with another dab of glue, and then tied a knot.  Cut off remaining string… or leave it!  I’ve seen people tie little bows too.

Ta-da! Store your personalized cake topper bunting flag in a safe place until it’s ready to be inserted into the cake. Not into sweets or desserts? That’s okay! These little flags can also be used in many other types of food for any occasion.

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