Photo Booth Props

Photo booths have become a standard in practically every wedding, reunion, and company holiday party. An easy way to make your event photos stand out is with a few customized props. This is a lightning fast DIY photo booth prop project that can easily be accomplished under one-hour and also adds a unique touch your guests will have fun with. In this case, I wanted to create a few items for my sister’s wedding photo booth that she, her new husband, and her guests could have fun with. 


**Please note that this post contains some affiliate links which help keep The Petite Adventurer operations running thoughtfully at no cost to you. All products recommended are personally vetted by yours truly! These items were purchased at my local Michael’s Store  and can also be found online as well. 

Personalized Party Accessories and Favors


1. Prepare your spray area. I like to work outside and use large cardboard boxes to contain excess spray paint from getting on other objects. 

2. Always read the instructions on the spray paint can before you begin, but to make sure there are no special nuances to note.

3. Most objects do well if you spray with light passes. Give enough time between drying sessions to give multiple coats (which will prevent any “dripping” effects).

4. Once the pieces are dry, use the stickers to add special embellishments. Hashtags, quotes, names, letters, funny sayings, and dates are a great place to start.

5. Worried about peeling stickers? Seal the deal with a clear layer of mod podge to keep everything in its place for the big day.


My sister (the bride) and her guests had a BLAST with the #Fongers teacup photo booth prop. It showed up in practically every picture.


For more DIY projects involving gold spray paint, see this weeknight project on breathing life into items you already own! Do you plan on using spray paint for another project? Do tell!

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