Spray Painting Weeknight Project

Have you ever purchased supplies for a specific project and had leftover bits, bobs, knobs, and paint? It’s safe to say most of us have been down that path before. This project is quick and is a great way to make use of extra spray paint. Many of my mini projects have a catalyst; in this case, I had just gotten a new bedspread (on sale) from West Elm. The guest room was dark, gloomy, inherited from my husband’s apartment, and screamed every bit of “post-college dude bedding”. We wanted our guests to feel relaxed and energized in this space, so it was only a matter of time until it got a little “redo”. What started as a simple bedspread changing task quickly evolved to a quick spray painting weeknight project which has given the room a new vibe.
The quality assurance crew (my cats, Loki and Gizmo) tested the tensile strength of the fabric. Yep, passed the test.

Spray paint adheres best to solid materials such as glass, plastic, or dense wood. I noticed that I had a few items in the room that could use a second look– a desk accent vase, a glass jam jar doubling as a pen holder, and handles on the desk. 

Spray Painting Tips 

1. Tape off areas you do not want to paint over.  In this particular case, I found that leaving a clear top portion added a nice element of interest to the piece.  

Take it one step further by taping off angular designs!

2. Keep it clean! If you have smaller pieces, use an old cardboard box to contain the paint. I ended up using the shipping box the bedspread came in.

3. It’s always better to make light, small passes in order to prevent dripping. I did one coat before dinner and one coat after dinner.
Afraid to experiment on something nice? Start with an object you can easily replace, such as a jam jar.

In just one weeknight evening, the look of our guest bedroom made huge headway in its transformation! I didn’t spend a single dollar on supplies because I had used objects that were already around the house. Working on a small project of your own? Do share! 

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