Embossing Tent Cards

Wedding tent cards are so much fun because they are a very DIY wedding-friendly project.  You can use this opportunity to let your creativity flair and add to your wedding theme. Did I also mention that it’s oh-so-fun to point out to have golden “I made this” bragging rights when you get seated for dinner?  This is the perfect weeknight project for any bride– ambitious or relaxed. My sister (the ambitiously-relaxed bride) cruised through the Paper Source store and picked out all of the supplies needed for the project. We gathered a few friends over one afternoon and got to work making the embossed tent cards over pop tunes and endless supplies of snacks. 
Embossed tent cards are perfect for weddings! They can also be used for bridal showers, parties, reunions, holiday parties, galas, and more.


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1)  Use a ruler and pencil to make light marks for consistent stamp positioning.  We made light marks half an inch down from the very top of the tent card and lined the top of our stamp to the mark.
2)  Generously cover the stamped area in embossing powder.  Don’t be shy!
Generously cover the adhesive in embossing powder. You will want to make sure all sticky surfaces get covered.

3)  Gently tilt the powder off the card and use your clean brush to clean up random powder spots.

Old makeup or paint brushes are the perfect tools to clean up stray bits of powder.
4)  Use the heat tool to seal the embossing powder to the tent card.  Let it hang out for a minute or two before you handle it!

5)  While you’re waiting, use this time to cut the designer paper and ribbon into LONG strips.  You’ll want the paper and ribbon to wrap all the way around to the other side of the paper.

Paper Source sells all sorts of handmade designer paper. It might be hard to pick just one!

A large selection of fine paper
6)  The paper is so delicate and thin, so use the utmost care when handling it.  A glue stick worked perfectly to adhere the paper.  

7) Fold the excess paper around the back sides to provide visual continuity to the whole look.  A little dab of glue to seal it all together will do!  

8)  Stretch the ribbon tightly around the card and adhere with a few spots of hot glue on the back.  Making a hot glue dab on the front will make the ribbon look bumpy…so don’t do it.

The customization possibilities are endless! Once you have the supplies needed to stamp and emboss, you will be able to create many other projects.

Enjoy your classy little creation!  For more embossing projects, see my post: Invitation Card Hack + Embossing. I would also like to hear about what type of projects you plan to make with your embosser. Do tell below! 


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