DIY Wax Seal Stamping

Wax seal stamps have become increasingly popular! They add a touch of flair to any piece of stationary, and let’s be honest– they’re fun to do. For my Lễ Đám Hỏi, or Vietnamese engagement ceremony, I decided to make simple cardstock invitations. I used the traditional “lucky” color combination of red and gold. While the invitations themselves were fairly simple, the gold wax seal added just the right touch of unique detail. Read on for a quick DIY tutorial on how to do wax seal stamping.




The process is easy as pie… are you ready?  

1.  Adhere your printed text onto the cardstock background with rubber cement before you begin.
2.  Prepare your work area.  (I used a silicone mat to catch the drops and a few sheets of computer paper underneath the entire project.)  Heat up the glue gun with the sealing wax until it starts oozing out. 
3.  Squeeze a “slightly smaller than nickel” sized wax directly onto the paper where you want the seal to go.

4. Carefully position the stamp directly over the wax and let go.  Gravity will squeeze the wax around the seal for you. No need to press.  
5.  Notice that if you place the seal directly over the wax, the seal edges will come out fairly even.  If you approach it at an angle, it’ll come out skewed.
6.  Lift off the seal after 3 seconds or so.  The wax seal will harden in 60 seconds or less.
Once you have a few of the wax stamp supplies (gun, sealing wax, handle) it will be very easy to create other seals!  My sister did some wax stamping on her wedding programs, and they turned out lovely with her monogram seal.  Happy crafting!


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