Christmas Photobooth with Your Ipad

It might be February, but this post is definitely, “better late than never”!  Last Christmas, my sister had the honor of hosting our family party at her home.  I wanted to try making an  economical DIY photo booth for everyone to enjoy.  After a bit of strategic thinking and brother assisted jerry-rigging, we were able to fashion our own photo booth area in the entry way.  The location was perfect!  Everyone could take pictures on the way in or on the way out, and it was certainly a conversation starter. All opinions expressed here are my own and have first appeared on The Petite Adventurer. 
  • Festive background ($4 roll of decorative burlap runner from Michael’s)
  • Assorted Holiday Props (hats, headbands, bows, santa beard, necklaces)
  • iPad
  • Tape (painter, masking, or duct) to hang background
  • String
  • Instruction Sign (created on
Gathering the supplies was a cinch; most items I already had on hand from my Christmas stash, SF’s Santa-Con event from the previous weekend, and even a few items from my company holiday party.  The only things I purchased was the burlap runner, a reindeer headband, and the giant golden bow, all for less than $10 at Michael’s Craft Store. I could have spent even less by using an old roll of wrapping paper as the background!
Setting up the iPad:  I downloaded a free Christmas “Santa Claus” image application that let you put themed stickers on your photos.  But, we really ended up primarily using the good ol’ default camera app.  Make sure you have the new iOS update, which includes the option to take a time lapse photo on the right-hand toolbar.  We set the time lapse to 10 seconds to give everyone enough time to pose for the picture.  
From here, we needed to figure out how to hang the iPad at an optimal level.  My brother suggested hanging it from the upstairs landing area and suspending the iPad below to face our backdrop wall.  The screen was about 4 feet away from the background, but you’ll really just have to do a bit of trial and error to figure out what works well in your space.  I hopped on to whip up a quick photo booth sign, and even an instruction sheet (not shown here) to instruct our guests on how to operate the iPad.


Can you tell we had a blast?!  All of the photos were stored on my iPad, so I synced my Facebook account for the night and created a “Family Holiday Party” photo album so we could upload and share right away.  I think this photo booth may have to become a permanent holiday party fixture for all future events…


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