Invitation Hacks + Embossing

Creating party invitations can come in all shapes and forms. While I have found that I prefer to use online vendors such as, Wedding Paper Divas, or Tiny Prints for larger groups, I prefer handmade cards if I only need to make a few. As the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding, I was in charge of planning her destination bachelorette bash in Cancun. Naturally, I was on the lookout for anything pink, glittery, gold, and tropical.  When I stumbled across a 30-pack of Mara Mi invitations on a Target ‘clearance’ back end cap for 70% off, I knew it would come in handy for this project. Read on for a simple invitation hack and guide on embossing!

Transform a plain invitation to a handmade creation with a simple DIY embossing project.
The embossing kit came from Paper Source, a unique local and online craft store. They sell the heating tool, as well as all of the needed accessories to emboss such as powders, stamp pads, and way too much fun stuff. You can also find these supplies on Amazon as well.



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Step 1  

Use the two pieces of paper as your working surface.  Press your rubber stamp onto the watermark inkpad, and stamp your surface.  Pour a generous amount of embossing powder to cover the entire stamped area.  I typically let it sit for about 10 seconds or so.
Don’t be shy with the embossing powder. Make sure you have enough to fully cover the adhesive stamp area.

Step 2 

Gently shake off embossing powder onto the paper beneath.  Lightly tap the stamped surface to remove excess powder.  You can also use a small/thin paintbrush or makeup brush to remove the extra powder.  To get the rest of the embossing powder back into the container, gently fold the first sheet of paper into a funnel and tilt the contents back into the jar.  The second sheet of paper will catch any excess powder, so it doesn’t end up on your desk or carpet!

Step 3  

Use the heating tool to melt the embossing powder and watch for the powder to change from a flat to “shiny” appearance after a few seconds!  
Use the embossing gun approximately 4 to 5 inches away from the surface.
Here is what the embossed product looks like. It’s hard to tell that the powder is now lustrous, but trust me– it is!

Step 4  

Design your invitation text on the computer and print it out on white cardstock.  If you want the text to “pop up” on the invitation backing, use foam tape.  To achieve an even taller look, I double stack the foam by adhering two pieces together.


Double stack your foam tape to achieve an even taller pop-up look.

Step 5  

Assemble the invitation kit components (ribbon and pink backer paper) add your invitation text, and voila! Call out the recipient’s name in a fun way by embossing a banner stamp onto the outer envelope. 
Embossing also holds up well on the outer envelope.
This DIY project was easy to create and added just the right touch of personalization to make the invitation exciting. Remember that not every project you embark on needs to be built from the ground up. Get creative by sprucing up existing blank invitations with these simple hacks that you can use time and time again.

Ready for another embossing project? See “Embossing Tent Cards“.


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