Bright and Punchy Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangements

DIY Flower arrangements from grocery store flowers.
There’s something to be appreciated when fresh flower arrangements are used for a festivity. They are classic, beautiful, and invoke a wordless awe that has been felt by people around the world since the beginning of time. I wanted to convey a spunky and vibrant energy through several flower arrangements for a “sip and see” baby shower, with the intention to put them in the entry way area, on the drink table, and as centerpieces. Trader Joe’s is one of my staple floral locations because it consistently carries affordably priced blooms. It is best to purchase the flowers a day in advance so you can revive them with some flower food and fresh water at home before arranging. Read on for an easy tutorial on creating your own floral arrangement from Trader Joe’s!


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Step 1  

Separate and organize the various flowers into different piles– fillers, flower type, color, etc.  This will help you evenly allocate the flowers if you are using multiple vases.

Step 2  

Prune all of the lower leaves by peeling or cutting with scissors.   Choose the flowers and fillers you want to use for your arrangement.  Cut all bottom stems at an angle to desired height, while paying attention to which flower you want in which area. Keep in mind that you will want to arrange the center flowers slightly taller and more prominently than the surrounding foliage.

Step 3 

Fill vases with filler beads and water.

Step 4  

Using clear thin tape to create a grid.  If you are using regular scotch tape, you will need to slice the tape in half. Try to create ~1″ squares to allow enough room for several stems to go through each grid hole.



Step 5  

Hot glue ribbon onto the top portion of the vase by using minimal glue on the vase. A little goes a long way!  This covers up the tape well and also dresses up the vase. Keep in mind that hot glue removes fairly easily from glass vases when it’s time for clean up.  Embellish by adding bows where you see fit.

Step 6  

I began by placing my tallest, focal flowers in the center, and then slowly built outwards by adding greenery, filler flowers, etc.  I cut the stems shorter as they made their way to the outer rim.  Continually turn the vase as you build so it looks great from all angles.  Spruce things up at the end by adding large, “finishing leaves”. You can also try the opposite approach of building with greenery and fillers first, and then adding the focal flowers afterward.   



Flowers are already so lovely, that any arrangement of them will be interpreted as something to be appreciated. Have fun with your creativity, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, colors, shapes, and ribbons. The best part is, some of your guests can come home with an adorable arrangement of their own once the festivity ends. You will notice that the flower selections at your local store will constantly change with every season. Enjoy the creative experience in working with new types of flowers with your events throughout the year!

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