Glamping Themed Bridal Shower

I had been drooling over glamping parties for some time, and when my sister asked me what I would want for my own bridal shower… I answered in a heartbeat.  Glamping combines two polar opposite ideas; glamor and camping!  It’s cheeky, feminine, and just a little bit “woodsy”.  Pulling together decoration ideas was an absolute blast, and the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club helped us set up the perfect space for the event. All opinions expressed here are my own and have first appeared on the Petite Adventurer.
The overall theme colors were gold, hot pink, and black.  Table rounds alternated linen colors to keep things interesting, and tea candles were set upon tree slices (from Etsy) as our little nod to nature.  Golden glass teepees (from urbanoutfitters) were filled with green moss, bronze colored leaves, and decorative balls.  We brought several accents from home including a treasured vintage gas lantern that had once belonged to the grandfather of one of my bridesmaids.  Framed engagement photos were displayed throughout the room for guests to enjoy.
As each person entered the venue, they were given a choice of pink Prosecco glass with berries or pink lemonade.  We wanted to make sure to set a tone of whimsy right from the beginning!  After some passed hors d’oeuvres and conversation, we seated to a feel-good tomato soup and grilled cheese lunch.  Each guest was given a brown kraft tag where they were instructed to write advice to the bride on one side, and the groom on the other.  I read my favorite seven cards out loud and announced two winners who could pick out their prizes from the silly assortment.
My sister (and maid of honor) did a fantastic job with the gifts!  She chose each one to reflect something I liked and they were wonderful conversation starters for all of the guests.  We had quite a few guests excited for the gold iPhone charger… 🙂  Lunch was then wrapped up with a delicious personal s’more set.  Those marshmallows melted in our mouths.
A little dessert should always be followed by a lot of fun, so we began our next activity which was a twist on a classic shower game– Toilet Paper Bride.  Only this time, each group was given a special kit which included a roll of tulle, sequin bands, floral clips, and other random items.  We even put in blue balloons we had leftover from a party because we wanted to see how creative our guests were going to get.  By a delightfully serendipitous coincidence, the country club even had a runway set up in another room that they were gracious enough to let us borrow.  Music was cranked up and we had a full-fledged bridal runway.  It was a blast!
After the fashion hoopla, things wound down with gift opening.  An adorable wooden bowl from home was used to hold envelopes with a “petite gifts” sign.  We had a few laughs opening some of the presents and guests were kept entertained with small bridal themed activity game cards.  My bridesmaids and MOH fluttered around the room awarding prizes and snapping candid photos.  It was a wonderful afternoon spent with ladies that I adore.  The sense of love and support was incredible; I couldn’t have dreamt of a unique and touching send-off.


Like this party? Let’s keep celebrating!


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