Glitterizing a Giant Letter “A”

Have you ever tried searching for a specific decoration item that you need to tie into a distinct color or theme but had trouble finding it? I’ve certainly been in the same place on a number of occasions. In this particular case, I wanted to make a large glitter “A” for a “sip and see” baby shower that I was working on for a family member. I just knew this would be the perfect prop to use on the welcome table as it would set the right tone for each guest coming inside the house– especially because the baby’s name is Athena. Read on to learn how to transform a plain wooden shape into a unique glittery prop!

Glitter makes me giddy! I have always felt that you can’t go wrong with a few sparkly accents here and there.

I found most of my supplies at Michael’s Craft store, although many of these items can also be found at your local craft store or even on Amazon.

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Of course my tabby cat, Loki wants to help too…

Step 1  

Set out the several pieces of paper on top of the cardboard to catch excess glitter.  Put the wooden letter on top.  Prep the spray can by shaking vigorously for 2 minutes.

Step 2  

Spray 6-8 inches away from the object.  Wait 60 seconds for the adhesive to set.

Step 3  

Sprinkle glitter on the letter, and then carefully tilt excess glitter onto one of the pieces of paper.  Use the paper as a funnel to pour glitter contents back into the container.

Step 4  

Repeat sprinkling process and try lightly shaking the object back and forth to disperse the glitter.  Excess glitter goes back into the container.

Step 5  

Let it dry overnight if possible!  If you need to transport your glitterized item, I suggest you put it into a plastic bag unless you want sparkly car seats. 🙂
Keep it tidy by using cardboard underneath.

And there you have it! A sweet, peachy, glittery letter prop for our baby Athena!  You can also use this method on many other surfaces– consider repurposing an object you already have in order to give it a second life. Do you plan on having a photo booth at your next event? You can also create a few custom props of your own with this project. Happy crafting! 

The giant glitter “A” served as the perfect prop on the entry way table, and can be used again in her nursery.


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