Japan Purse and Carry On Packing List

I thought it could be helpful to share the items I brought along in my purse and carry on bag (backpack).  Everything worked out quite well!  It felt that every item served its purpose, and there was very little wasted room.  You’ll notice from my previous posts, that many of these devices and items are part of my usual travel accessory roundup. All opinions expressed here are my own and have first appeared on The Petite Adventurer.

Purse with crossbody and handle straps
This Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Ligero’ Leather Satchel lasted only 1.5 weeks before the side stitching fell apart.  I was so disappointed by the poor quality!  Luckily I bought it from Nordstrom and was able to return it when I got home with no hassle.


  • Anker Charge Stick
  • Mobile Hotspot Device (rented from Japan-wireless)
  • iPhone 5s
  • Chargers and cables (USB/2 Prong, Micro USB/USB, Lightning/USB)
  • Bose Headphones… they are worth every penny.  Meltyourfaceoff music quality.

Everything else

  • Chapstick (Eos smooth mint)
  • Tinted chapstick (Fresh sugar lip treatment)
  • Pen
  • Slim wallet with coin component
  • Pack of tissues

Carry-on Backpack

Main read:  Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

In my eyes, Japan is a place of consuming any and all food that comes across your vision. What better way to ante up for the trip than to read this book?  It’s witty, humorous, slightly grotesque, and fascinating.  Perfect.


Everything else
  • Plastic folder of travel documents
  • Thin notebook for writing
  • Extra pen
  • Granola bars (Kind bars, of course!)
  • Deck of cards
  • Makeup Case (discussing this would be a blog post of it’s own…)
  • Neck pillow
  • Sleeping eye mask
  • Sunglasses in case
  • Fuzzy socks for the plane

What didn’t I use?  Two granola bars and the deck of cards.  But I’m still glad I brought them– you never know when you are fighting off a bout of insomnia due to jet lag, and you want to play a game of war with your travel mate.  Or when you buy an economical plane ticket that has a layover conveniently placed so the airline isn’t required to serve you a complimentary meal…  a grumbling stomach will make for an unpleasant flight.
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