5 Reasons To Go On A Microadventure

I’ve been telling quite a few people that I am currently in the middle of a one-year microadventure challenge, and have been raising quite a few eyebrows along the way. Usually, the very first question is, “What is microadventuring”? Microadventures are exactly as they sound; bite-sized adventures. The best part about this concept is that it can be achieved by anyone and closes the gap we might feel between suburban life and the accessibility of nature. Read on to discover five reasons to go on a microadventure. All opinions expressed here are my own and have first appeared on The Petite Adventurer.sunshine

On one fateful day, I happened to stumble across Mr. Alastair’s website on microadventuring. I was instantaneously enamored. Microadventures are defined as, “an overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives”. He had popularized this concept, as an encouragement for the average person to escape their 9-5 life, and live 5-9. Who says you have to go far to have an adventure, anyway? Not only has the term taken off like wildfire (there are groups, videos, blogs, and hashtags galore), I believe it can truly enrich your life and can help you find happiness right in your own locale.

After spending 30-minutes on Alastair’s website, I decided to commit to a personal microadventure challenge every single month for one year. Somehow, it felt that I would be able to come out on the other side– one year later, as a better human being with more gratitude for local adventure and nature… and if I don’t come out any different? I’d have a whole year of fond memories and the satisfaction of digesting s’mores.

My Microadventuring  Challenge Guidelines:

1. Sleep outside
2. Eat a meal
3. Create a unique experience or twist each time
4. Don’t travel any further than 4 hours (one way) by car

tea boat

Here’s Where I’ve Gone (home base is Palo Alto, CA):

April 2016 – Backpacking and camping in the rain
Monte Bello Open Space Preserve  // near Palo Alto, CA

May 2016 – Camping during the workweek
Foothills Park // Los Altos Hills, CA

June 2016 – Enjoying a day on the lake
Haskins Valley Campground // Quincy, CA

July 2016 – Bringing a friend that had never gone camping before
Monte Bello Open Space Preserve // near Palo Alto, CA

August 2016 – Introducing my (and my siblings) cats to the tent life
Sister’s backyard // Mountain View, CA

September 2016 – Celebrating my birthday
Memorial Park // Loma Mar, CA

During the last six months, I’ve started work with a new company, coordinated OfficeNinjas meetup events, traveled to Vietnam, and threw my 10-year high school reunion. No matter how busy and stressed I felt, I made it a priority in my life to chug ahead with my challenge. It’s incredible to consider the power of a personal goal. I’ve learned that there is always a way to make time for adventure and the experience is always well worth it.


Without further adieu (and if you still need convincing), here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Microadventure:

1. It’s completely scalable! This is something you can do solo or small to large groups of friends and family.

2. Feelings of the extraordinary in an attainable way. It evokes the same sense of adventure that you normally get from being on a vacation.

3. Requires little planning and capital. A lot of joy in a simple way.

4. Reminder to get in touch with nature and appreciate how accessible it is.

5. You don’t have to be an expert or have the latest and greatest equipment in order to microadventure! There is no better time than now.


If this concept even remotely intrigues you, I encourage you to set up a microadventure of your own. One night in a sleeping bag might just create the positive experience you’ve been looking for. Two nights in a tent must just stifle the hunger to travel just a few  more months. 30 miles in the car might provoke a meaningful and much-needed conversation with a dear friend. It can be as simple as sleeping under the stars in your own backyard. No excuses. Let me know how it goes!


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