Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

It’s remarkable how much floral costs can consume a wedding budget. In a 2014 study conducted by wedding website theKnot, the average bride spent $2,141 on their florist. This roughly takes 7% of the wedding budget pie of an overall spend of $31,213 for the big day. While flowers are certainly appreciated during these special life moments, no one says you need to break the bank to get married. This article is going to cover a few creative ways you can save big dollars on wedding flower costs. 
Get inspiration by searching for “bouquet recipes” so you know which flowers you should be searching for. Photo credit to the Wedding Scoop.

Repurpose bridal bouquets as table centerpieces

You can save quite a bit of money if you move or re-use your flowers from the ceremony to the reception.  No need to toss perfectly good blooms! Consider different ways you can use your flowers throughout the wedding day and don’t be shy to delegate these responsibilities to your bridal party. It can be as simple as, “please move the altar garland over to the head table during cocktail hour” or “please set your bouquet into the empty vase at this table”. 

Three of my bridesmaid’s bouquets were arranged in this basket on the entry way table. Imagine all of the different ways you can use your bouquets after the ceremony is over.

Use a Modern, “On Demand” Flower Service

Use an on-demand delivery service with pre-made bouquets for under $100. Add filler leaves, cut down the stems, and wrap a ribbon around the base for bridal bouquets. Leave the ribbon off if you intend to use it as a table centerpiece. Try leaving a special note that you intend to use the bouquet as your bridal bouquet in your wedding to see if they might be able to give your blooms a little extra special care. BloomThat delivers nationwide with same-day deliveries in several major cities! Their collections are vibrant, beautifully designed, and always arrive fresh. Sign up for their email newsletter to get alerts for deals or coupons. Farmgirl Flowers also deliverers nationwide with a beautiful assortment of ethically sourced flowers. Try repurposing one of their designed bouquets or peruse their wedding and events section for centerpieces, crowns, corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, and more. Their smaller bridal bouquet starts at $100. The Bouqs has bouquets ranging from $40-$100+ and offers wedding and event services. Their flowers are “cut to order”, which is a sustainable practice to reduce waste and keep their blooms fresh upon nationwide delivery.

This “Big Love” bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers has 30-35 stems and costs $85.

Build your own bouquet with a little help! 

If you want to try your hand at making your own bouquet, try using Bloominous! They have tastefully designed wedding kits ranging from centerpieces, corsages, crowns, bouquets, to garlands. Watch an instructional video on the arrangement and assemble with ease (which is the most fun to do with friends and family). Bouquet prices range from $40 to $100+ and can also be customizable. I ended up using Bloominous for my destination wedding in Maui and loved the experience because the crafting process brought my loved ones together (read my full review here).


I knew my wedding bouquet was extra special because my maid of honor (and sister) and my bridesmaid (dear friend) had made it.

Buy Wholesale and Build from the Ground Up

If you have a gifted friend, family member, or team of helpers behind you, consider buying flowers wholesale. While there are dramatic savings to be found this way, you will also need to factor in the time it will take to prune, shape, and build a bouquet from the ground up. This can be a lot harder than it looks, so be sure you are ready before diving into this method. Blooms by the Box sells by the stem, bunch, or box. Other online companies include Fifty Flowers and Flowers and Freshness.

Keep your centerpieces simple! Sometimes, less is more with vibrant or rich colors. Photo credit from WeddingChicks.

Don’t forget you might need a few supplies

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  • Fiskars Pruning Shears– Just in case you need to do a little extra pruning. Good shears will help you make clean stem cuts.
  • Flower Food – Keep your flowers fresh during prep and show time with flower food.
  • Crowning Glory Flower Spray – A sort of magical sealing/freshening agent used by floral professionals.
  • Green Floral Tape – Useful to have on hand if you need to reshape a bouquet or keep certain stems together. 
  • Vases – Have you considered what your flowers will be sitting in? Save extra cash by looking on Craigslist or asking friends who have recently gotten married if you can buy their vases. Even if they are different shapes and sizes, you can unify the look by color dipping, spray painting, or even dying the water a certain color.
  • Ribbon – Finish the bouquet look with ribbon (remember to use the green tape underneath to do the real work). 
  • Floral or Corsage PinAdd an extra embellishment with a hint of sparkle to your bouquet. 


With all of these options available at your fingertips, who says you need to spend over $2,000 on your wedding flowers? I’m sure there are are many ways you can use your hard-earned money in other parts of the wedding, your honeymoon, or for your new life as a married couple. I wish you the best of luck– flower power on, my friends!


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